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We cherish our guest as god,and have been welcoming our god with a smile since time period of His Majesty Government. Since then every single customer has returned with their hearts and bellly full. we want to continue this beautiful tradition of ours and serve our guest with beauty standards you have never seen before, cuisine that you have never tasted before, and a beautiful sunset view you will never forget.

We have a lovely Beer Garden which overlooks Rapti river.what more could you ask for to end a long tiring day with a sip of cold beer and gorgeous sunset.our delicious foods and warm comfortable chair will make you never wanto leave out Beer Garden.

We even have Tour packages that might worth be your time.From adventurous tour package to religiuos tour packages and everything in between you name it, we have it all under reasonable price. you will take a story to share with your friends and family out of this experience. There is something for everyone in our place that you will never forget.

Dont believe us,hear what they have to say.