Chitwan Tiger Camp


We present you with our hospitality and services since the period of H.M Government. Rich with history and beauty from every standard we are situated in the heart of Chitwan National Park. Where you will be woken by the variety of bird chirps and dares you for a jungle safari.  Adventure awaits you.

Chitwan National Park

Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, Chitwan has a particularly rich flora and fauna and is home to one of the last populations of single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and is also one of the last refuges of the Bengal Tiger. Chitwan National Park (CNP), established in 1973, was Nepal’s first National Park. Located in the Southern Central Terai of Nepal, it formerly extended over the foothills, the property covers an area of 93,200 hectares, extends over four districts: Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Parsa, and Makwanpur.

The park is the last surviving example of the natural ecosystems of the ‘Terai’ region and covers subtropical lowland, wedged between two east-west river valleys at the base of the Siwalik range of the outer Himalayas. The core area lies between the Narayani (Gandak) and Rapti rivers to the north and the Reu River and Nepal-India international border in the south, over the Sumeswar and Churia hills, and from the Dawney hills west of the Narayani, and borders with Parsa Wildlife Reserve to the east. In 1996, an area of 75,000 hectares consisting of forests and private lands and surrounding the park was declared as a buffer zone. In 2003, Beeshazar and associated lakes within the buffer zone were designated as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

The spectacular landscape, covered with lush vegetation and the Himalayas as the backdrop makes the park an area of exceptional natural beauty. The forested hills and changing river landscapes serve to make Chitwan one of the most stunning and attractive parts of Nepal’s lowlands. Situated in a river valley basin and characterized by steep cliffs on the south-facing slopes and a mosaic of riverine forest and grasslands along the river banks of the natural landscape makes the property amongst the most visited tourist destination of its kind in the region. The property includes the Narayani (Gandaki) river, the third-largest river in Nepal which originates in the high Himalayas and drains into the Bay of Bengal providing dramatic river views and scenery as well as the river terraces composed of layers of boulders and gravels.

The property includes two famous religious areas: Bikram Baba at Kasara and Balmiki Ashram in Tribeni, pilgrimage places for Hindus from nearby areas and India. This is also the land of the indigenous Tharu community who have inhabited the area for centuries and are well known for their unique cultural practices.

Chitwan National Park has a long history of protection dating back to the early 1800s. It has been designated and legally protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1973. The Nepalese Army has been deployed for park protection since 1975. In addition, Chitwan National Park Regulation, 1974 and Buffer Zone Management Regulation, 1996 adequately ensure the protection of natural resources and people’s participation in conservation as well as socio-economic benefits to people living in the buffer zone. This makes Chitwan National Park an outstanding example of a Government-Community partnership in biodiversity conservation.

The enduring elegance of Chitwan Tiger Camp

We Want to continue this beautiful tradition of ours and serve our guests with beauty standards

We cherish our guests as god and have been welcoming our god with a smile since the time period of His Majesty Government. Since then every single customer has returned with their hearts and belly full. we want to continue this beautiful tradition of ours and serve our guests with beauty standards you have never seen before, cuisine that you have never tasted before, and a beautiful sunset view you will never forget.

We have a lovely Beer Garden which overlooks the Rapti river. what more could you ask for to end a long tiring day with a sip of cold beer and the gorgeous sunset. our delicious foods and warm comfortable chair will make you never want to leave out Beer Garden.

We even have Tour packages that might worth be your time. From adventurous tour package to religious tour packages and everything in between you name it, we have it all at a reasonable price. you will take a story to share with your friends and family out of this experience. There is something for everyone in our place that you will never forget.

An Independent Spirit

Chitwan Tiger Camp has an amazing and memorable history dating back to the ’90s. Keeping  Hospitality factors in mind and combining it with the traditional and cultural values of Sauraha, we have managed to serve thousands and thousands of our guests in a circle surrounded by wonderful memories to take away back home. Ensuring that we keep our traditional values to preserve the lifestyle and the wild nature of the city. we have been working very hard for decades and have been successful to keep intact with the original property and our valued customers.

Some of the highlights from back dates to recall and enjoy.