Chitwan Tiger Camp


Sauraha never fails to attract the tourist by offering them a number of exciting and adventurous programs while their stay in the city.

Adventures in Sauraha

Enjoy the fun and nature-friendly adventures in Sauraha, that will bring you close to nature while describing the beauty and culture that it holds up preserved for years. With the right amount of fun and enjoyment and many activities to be done in Sauraha, you will surely enjoy this oasis of nature.



Jungle Walk tour allows you to explore several different habitat areas, from the flood-plain grassland to the dense Sal forests, where you get the opportunity to encounter different animals sight at your own pace. Since it disturbs the animals, less to walk through the forest, it is usually a better chance for discovering wildlife. You may learn about different kinds of plants and herbs in the National park that might be useful sometimes. The guide can explain about the wild animals, birds, trees, herbs, and even reptiles.


Jeep safari is the fastest way to discover the wide range of forest areas in the Chitwan National Park & Community Forest. You will be in the dense forest, passing all sorts of vegetation and wildlife. As it is going through the deep jungle and covers a big area, the chances of discovering wildlife are high. Jeep safari is not only the fastest way to discover wild activities but also it is safe. It is a very exciting program. You will be driving towards the crocodile breeding farm while going through a jungle drive. Jeep safari is categorized into half-day, full-day & 2 hrs(into community forest) of the ride. The ride can be elongated as per guests’ requests if needed.



The Chitwan National Park is the realm of more than 450 species of birds. Most people consider it as a heaven of the bird world. The best way to explore and study the different bird’s activities and behave is to walk with a guide along the riverside of Royal Chitwan National park. Tiger Camp’s expert bird watcher will guide you to view the colorful birds early in the morning; simultaneously you can enjoy a sunrise tour.


Floating down to Rapti River on a dugout canoe is the best way to discover the habitat of crocodiles in the river. It is also a relaxing and better way to watch different kinds of birds and wildlife species, while they are drinking water on the bank of river Rapti. It is categorized into 1hrs & 2-3hrs ride into the national park. Despite the Rapti river, our guests can also enjoy canoe rides on the Dhungre & Budi Rapti River as well. 

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It’s a must to view the sunset while you are on a trip to Chitwan National Park. Setting sun overviewing Rapti river will engulf you with emotions you have never felt before, you can try to capture it with your camera but your eyes will be the best tool to enjoy it. Redish yellow filter and symphony of several birds and the wind will not let you go, you will be part of the National Park.


A melodious ethnic dance performed by men and women with rhyme or drums. The clashing of sticks represents and performance how to keep away the rhinos and other wild animals from the human habitat and their farming land. You can enjoy your evening after dinner and watch the Tharu Stick Dance. Tiger Camp will arrange dance for your enjoyment adjacent to their restaurant.


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Many More

  • Elephant Bath
  • Elephant ride
  • Tower Night Stay
  • Trekking to Chepan Hill
  • Village Tour

Note: We do not recommend elephant rides but can arrange one if it’s requested by the guest.